Split string without breaking words

Let say we got a long string that need to be splitted in a series of rows (of a certain lenght) . If the length exceed, we need to go wrap the text on a new line ensuring words are not broken. The solution is quite simple after all, before going to the new line ensure you are in a white space:

public static string SplitStringWithDelimiter(int charsLimit, string sampleText)
   int limitReached = charsLimit;
   if(sampleText.Length > charsLimit)
           if(sampleText[limitReached] == ' ')
               sampleText= sampleText.Insert(limitReached, "\n");
               limitReached += charsLimit + 2;
       } while ((sampleText.Length - limitReached) > charsLimit);
   return sampleText;

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