.Net developer ,  TDD supporter, into web development without discriminating Windows .This blog is a notepad and a way to remember and share.

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  1. Hey George was reading your lucene wrapper article. I was thinking of using it for some mvc3 ef stuff i was having a play around with.. I was just wondering how does it know when to update the index etc?

    • Hi Tom,
      As far as I am aware with Lucene you have to maintain your index up to date. This can be a scheduled task or you can trigger it when you prefere but yes, you will not get any notification about the need of refresh you data.
      I’ve been using the FTS in SqlServer2008 recently on a stack very similar to yours (mvc3 ef code first) and it have been much easier, both to create and to maintain (you can set the rebuild of the index to automatic from the management studio in sql server). If you don’t have particular requirements and you got sql I’d suggest to go for the sql FTS.

  2. Hi George,
    just wondering if you happened to have any examples of how you implemented full text search using razor and mvc3?

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