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From Asp.net Webforms to Asp.net MVC

I’ve been using MVC recently for a while now, both at work and on my own, I am really enjoying it, the implementation proposed by Microsoft is simple and effective and it sticks more to the nature of a web session(request/response) than the Webform model with all it’s page lifecycle, control events and so on.  … Continue reading

Data bind simbols legend in Asp.Net

An overview for the code render blocks in Asp.Net : <%#   %>  –  to be used for databinding (es repeater rows etc). <% %>   – code render block, allow execution of inline expressio (es Response.Write(“something”); <%$ %>   – Expression used to bind external parameters. <%= %>  – Renders the content of the block. <%: %>  … Continue reading

Fiddler with an Asp.net site.

Fiddler is an Http monitor and it is very handy when it comes to analyze the traffic from and to your computer or more specifically if you want to list the connections made from and to your Asp.net website. It can even log and decrypt HTTPS calls. Here’s a guide on how to get it … Continue reading

Asp.net user authenticated after signout.

The Asp.net Membership relies on cookies to store the FormAuthentication ticket of a user, this means that we have to remove the cookie in order to signoff from our application. When an user is logged a cookie containing the encrypted ticket is stored on the client machine: public void CreateUserCookie(string username) { //Expiration of the … Continue reading

Easy Jquery validation in Asp.net 4

With Asp.net 4 comes a new property named ClientIDMode wich allow us to take control over the control ID rendered client side. The property can be applied at: Page level, all the controls within page will maintain the same ID specified by the developer : <%@ Page Title=”” Language=”C#” MasterPageFile=”~/MyMaster.Master” CodeBehind=”NewFeature.aspx.cs” ClientIDMode=”Static”…. Control level , … Continue reading

Easy Asp.net ajax file upload

Here’s a simple way to get file uploading without the widraw of a postback: it is the asp.net implementation (with a few changes) of the following jQuery plugin. An image is uploaded and the form submitted. The submitted form is sent to a custom handler (ashx). The image is saved to a website folder and … Continue reading