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Form post mixing AngularJs and Razor

The AngularJs validation is simple and straightforward to use, here’s a typical Razor form using the AngularJs MVVM model. The bit of javascript to init the $scope. We convert the model to json an assign it to a js variable in order to make it available to the $scope: The action on the controller stays … Continue reading

SimpleMembership with an existing database.

I’ve been trying the SimpleMembership today and I just love it, the Asp.Net team came out with the simplest solution, great! Managing users and their rights has always been a pain using the built in Membership feature pushing many developer to write their custom user/role tables, spending a lot of time in configuration and extending … Continue reading

MVC Radiobutton group

In order to group a series of radiobutton and allow only one control of the group to be selectable we’ll have to set the same value for the “name” attribute on all controls of the group. In Vb.Net Code Snippet <div id="group1">     @Html.RadioButton("group1", False, New With {.class = "radioClass"})     @Html.RadioButton("group1", False, New With {.class = … Continue reading

From Asp.net Webforms to Asp.net MVC

I’ve been using MVC recently for a while now, both at work and on my own, I am really enjoying it, the implementation proposed by Microsoft is simple and effective and it sticks more to the nature of a web session(request/response) than the Webform model with all it’s page lifecycle, control events and so on.  … Continue reading